Prepare for the New Year with Scheduling Software for Personal Trainers

The New Year is quickly approaching, and shortly you will undoubtedly have a surge of keen new clients wanting to sign up to your services so you can help them reach their goals. With our fitness software for personal trainers, you will not only be helping your clients with their resolutions, but helping yourself too.

New Year – New Clients

“New Year, New Me” The well known mantra follows on from January 1st by those making resolutions; be that to quit smoking, get a new job or, most popular – join the gym. The New Year allows you to start again, it cleans the slate and gives you the motivation to make big decisions that could change your life. Joining the gym has been, and always will be, a popular New Years resolution; most people want to be healthy and get in shape, and the New Year offers an opportunity for you to grab the bull by the horns and just go for it.

With your new clients, we know how important your time is with them. You’ll gain more from being in the gym with them than sitting at a computer trying to manage your schedule, classes and send emails out to each of your current and potential clients.

We understand that with the influx of new clients, the time you can spend on admin and tasks will be limited. You will need to be more prepared and organised in order to maintain a high level of service for each of your clients and, understandably, you will need some time to rest. With our software for personal trainers, we strive to ensure that you and your clients benefit as much as you can in order to achieve goals.

Due to the high volume of those looking to join your services, we understand how difficult it can be to manage all the newbies. With our fitness software for personal trainers, your new clients can sign up either online or whilst at the gym, and you can easily manage it all from either your phone, laptop or desktop. With more clients also comes more people booking classes and sessions. With our software for personal trainers, your clients can book their preferred classes easily and quickly online. Again, you can easily manage this and work your schedule around them.

Step up the motivation for 2017

It’s a known fact that those making the “join the gym” resolution can sometimes struggle to maintain the motivation after January ends. With our software, you are able to create automated emails and mass email your clients and prospects. With this, you can ensure to maintain motivation with those you’re working with by sending across your offers and updates on new and exciting classes. By keeping motivation and morale high, you can make sure you retain your clients and help them keep their resolutions.

To help your clients throughout their journey, our service also integrates with MyFitnessPal – the popular app that allows its users to track their food, and ensure they are hitting all the right nutrients in order to reach their fitness goals. Membr also has an application in which your clients can utilise.

The New Year will soon be upon us, and with our fitness software for personal trainers you can easily make sure you are on top of your tasks, and ensure that you are spending your time with your new clients to help them achieve their goals, rather than spending it carrying out mundane tasks.

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