Management Software for Personal Trainers Tackles Flexible Fitness Trend

2016 has been the beginning of many different fitness trends, with some staying for the long haul and others quickly being forgot about. Luckily, our management software for personal trainers can help you keep up with all the different trends and provide your clients with a bespoke service.

So, what are some of these trends at the moment?

Intense barre class

Taking the traditional ballet style of barre classes, intense barre introduces more push-ups, planks and stomach crunches. This new method is sure to make your clients feel the burn, and helps to make workouts that little bit more interesting.

Water workout

Why not take your classes into the water? This workout is growing increasingly, especially with Virgin Active’s new swimming based fitness class. Hour-long, high-intensity water workouts will increase your client’s stamina and give them a full body workout; getting them the toned body they’ve been looking for.


Boxing is so in right now, and becoming so popular that boxing studios are popping up over the country. Why? Well, because they’re the perfect blend of strength and cardio training, giving you a well-rounded workout. This intense workout will leave clients sweaty yet sculpted.


Yoga is another big fitness trend for 2016, but why not take it a step further with your clients? Change up the normal routine, and add in wrist and ankle weights. This new popular style still sticks to the smooth stretching and deep breathing principles of yoga, but also gives your clients more of s strengthening workout.

How can management software for personal trainers help?

New workouts will come as a breath of fresh air to your clients, and with our management software for personal trainers, you can easily make the class accessible to your clients. Let them all know about the new classes you have available by emailing your membership contact list. Alternatively, you can simply add in the extra classes to the booking system so they can see it for themselves!

One of the biggest trends at the moment in the fitness world is undoubtedly flexi-gym memberships. For instance, Classpass offer users access to thousands of studios and classes around the world. Well, here at Membr, we want to provide the best software for personal trainers, and ensure that independent fitness professionals can keep on top of the trends too.

With our mobile application, your clients are able to sign up to the classes you have available easily and on the go. We also integrate our service with MyFitnessPal, meaning your clients will also be able to track their food in conjunction with their workouts, helping to ensure they reach their goals.

We know how busy your client’s lives can be. They want easy to use, intuitive software which can easily book classes, or communicate with their trainer if they have any questions. It’s easy to see why the flexi-fitness trend is becoming increasingly popular, so we’ve crafted management software for personal trainers who have to meet the demands that come with it.

Have any questions about what we offer? Feel free to get in touch, we’re always happy to chat!