Buddy up with clients using personal training software online

Membr can help you give clients the feeling of having a gym buddy using only online personal training software. It’s a well known fact that having a gym buddy can be a big help, and it’s a huge trend in today’s fitness community.

There are many benefits to working out with a friend. Research from the University of Aberdeen and Stanford University have shown that those who worked out with a gym buddy increased the amount they worked out. Still not convinced? Well, just have a peek at all the benefits…

Achieve your fitness goals

Having someone providing emotional and practical support means you’re bound to start working out more. All that motivation and encouragement makes a real difference – which is one of the reasons why so many people hire personal trainers!

If you only answer to yourself when you skip the gym, you probably won’t feel that bad. However, when you cancel on a friend, you’re bound to feel guilty and in turn, be less likely to bail.

Working out becomes fun

Exercising with a friend can lighten the mood of your workouts. You can still get a serious workout in while having fun in your session. Actually, you’re much more likely to continue a regular fitness routine, as you’ll be looking forward to having someone to go to the gym with.

Becomes easier to try new workouts

It can be quite a daunting thing to try out new workouts. Obviously, with our online personal training software, your clients can book into classes or one-to-ones with you in order to try out new programmes. However, having our personal training software as a ‘virtual buddy’ also takes the fear away from training without you there. As the experience becomes less intimidating, they are more likely to actually enjoy the experience of going to the gym.

Brings variety to your workouts

You’ll be able to bring different skills and knowledge to your clients via your ‘virtual buddy’, meaning they can have a bit more fun with their actual workout. They can learn new workouts and different ways to exercise, meaning their workouts will never become boring. This could in turn mean that they go to the gym more often, meaning you’re helping them reach their goals!

Massively increases commitment

As we mentioned earlier, it’s much easier to bail on your own workout, but is much harder to do it when you’re letting down your gym buddy. When working out with a friend, you’re most likely going to schedule it in and lock it down.

With our online personal training software, you have the opportunity to act as a virtual buddy to your clients. Be there for them when they need help and guidance. Many find this massively comforting, especially if they’re starting out in the fitness world!

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