Spreading the love with personal training software

As personal training software developers, and as fitness enthusiasts, we love this time of the year. However, there’s also a lot that we’re up against!

It’s important for us to understand seasonal barriers and limitations on top of the usual issues such as time, finances and location. We’ve all heard of ‘the winter blues.’ After the highs of Christmas and the excitement of the New Year, it shouldn’t seem much of a surprise that January is a mental and physical struggle for many.

The dark, cold and dingy mornings, short days, wet weather can lead to feelings of depression, debt and stress during this first month of the year. Similarly, many face worries about body image after indulging during the festive season. We recently faced what is widely thought of as the most depressing day of the year – the third Monday in January, otherwise very colloquially named ‘Blue Monday’.

How personal training software can help

In order to maximise on this potentially busy and profitable time of the year, it’s important to remember just how important exercise is for transforming negative mood and emotion into something positive. This is where the good old endorphins come into action and work their magic!

Remember this is medically supported too: movement causes the body to release endorphins, which interact with receptors in the brain to reduce pain and trigger positive feelings in the body. Performing exercise outside with your clients, in that rare and elusive winter sunlight, can enhance positive feelings even further!

The physical benefits of exercise are a given, especially when nutrition is good too, but don’t underestimate the far-reaching effects that it can have on mental health. You can seriously help transform your clients’ lives if you understand what your expertise can do for them.

A few interesting fitness facts

  • NICE suggest regular physical activity as an initial treatment for mild to moderate depression.
  • Exercise is a natural and effective anti-anxiety treatment, relieving tension and stress. It also boosts physical and mental energy, and enhances well-being through the release of endorphins.
  • Training also helps to reduce stress levels through muscle relaxation and relieved tension in the body. Since the body and mind are so closely linked, when your body is feeling good – so is your mind.
  • Other mental health benefits include: sharper memory, higher self-esteem, better sleep and increased energy levels, as well as having a higher level of resilience when faced with life’s challenges. Exercise can be a healthy coping strategy for a range of issues.

Think about yourself and your coping strategies when things aren’t going quite to plan – doesn’t a good training session, or even a nice dog walk in the fresh air always put perspective on life and make everything feel 100 times better? There’s nothing a good, aggressive slam ball can’t sort out for me!

Communicate with clients using personal training software online

Even better: a training session with friends. Having someone else to train with, laugh and joke with and share the aches and pains with, (and moan about how hard the session is) can have great motivational effects. This is an important point to remember when bringing on board a new client.

Users can access our personal training software online, making it easy to connect whenever and wherever. Personal trainers and gym owners can even request a demo and enquire about pricing through our website!

We design our personal training software for trainers and clients alike. Membr has all the functionality to keep customers informed and motivated, and to keep you organised and ambitious!

Personal training software can perk you up too

As it’s potentially the most profitable time of the year for your business, you’re probably ready to bump up your marketing and capitalise on this period. However, it’s also important that you enjoy your business during this busy time.

This should be the time of the year that you thrive most as a trainer. But unfortunately, what we see more often than not is ‘burn-out’ and an inability to cope with the extra demands being placed on you and your personal training business.

Trying to do everything yourself, having to turn clients down because you ‘can’t cope with any more’, or forgetting appointments because your management system isn’t effective. The knock-on effect of all of this is negative word-of-mouth marketing about you and your business. And we know you’re better than that!

Ensuring that you have good personal training software in place will help you to take charge of your business and enable you to ramp up your sales right now, while demand is at its highest. Membr’s personal training software can help you manage all of your clients and scale your business effectively. Get in touch to learn more about our technology today.