Social Media Channels to Use for Your Gym’s Marketing in 2023

There are many social media platforms for fitness and health clubs to promote their services and attract new leads. What’s tricky is using each social media channel based on its unique strengths, since the algorithms are constantly changing and what’s working today might be different tomorrow.

These are the top 4 social media channels to use for your gym’s marketing in 2023:

      • Instagram 
      • TikTok 
      • Facebook 
      • YouTube 

Here’s how to use the 4 channels and make the most of brand positioning on each social platform!

1. Instagram for Nearby Reach

Why? Instagram is best for brand awareness and displaying your brand portfolio, from services, team members and testimonials.

Instagram is a great platform for showcasing your services, team and limited time promotions in particular to leads in your city.

Encouraging your members to take pictures and videos from your facility and tag your gym when they post them online will give you plenty of content to re-share. This not only creates a sense of community in the eyes of leads, but also for your customers who feel engaged with your brand even when they’re not exercising.

The posts that generate a lot of likes and comments usually feature a person (PT or gym member), tell an authentic story (testimonial or a joke from the past day) and have a unique call to action (link to a landing page or option to join a contest).

2. TikTok for Biggest Reach

Why? TikTok is best for reaching the largest audience by staying current with the latest trends and adapting them to your own niche market positioning.

TikTok can elevate your brand a lot further than your city! Use this platform to explore global trends and then re-use some of the content in other social media channels, like Instagram and Facebook.

TikTok’s currently leading the way for trending sounds and it’s a useful tool for editing your videos in a professional manner without wasting too much time. Their green screen and scripting, for example, both look sleek and create videos that are user-friendly for all ages.

While it’s not out of the question that you will find leads from TikTok, think of this platform as the idea generator. Since Gen Z and Millennials tend to spend a lot of time on it, you will also gain a better understanding of your audience and what motivates them to buy and promote products.

From TikTok to Facebook, social media is a great way for fitness and health clubs to promote their services and attract new leads.

3. Facebook for Direct Referrals

Why? Facebook is best used for recommending your services to generate family and friends referrals.

While Instagram is great for showcasing your selling points, Facebook remains the ultimate social platform to influence friends and family to join the gym.


Well, while we tend to follow everyone and anyone on Instagram, people mostly stick to their inner circle when it comes to Facebook. This makes it the perfect channel for your gym members to share exclusive PROMO CODES, promo images as part of a brand ambassador programme and links to landing pages.

The key is to have a marketing pack ready to send to suitable gym members who are interested in being brand ambassadors and keep spreading the word in your fitness club. You never know who might be interested in becoming the face of your gym and who is capable of actually bringing a lot of people in!

Every now and then your quietest members have more influence among friends than your most extroverted customers.

4. YouTube for Indirect Referrals

Why? YouTube is best used for workout tutorials and OnDemand videos to nurture an online community of your brand’s fans and possibly brand ambassadors in the long run.

Educational content can help your brand with lead conversions. Think of your YouTube channel as a shortcut to increasing the trust between leads and your brand.

Since prospective customers love to research brands before they make a purchasing decision, a library of useful videos that both teach and introduce your team will definitely be a selling point for your club.

One of the best YouTube features is the ability to add a link while the video is playing. You can use this option to display a “SIGN UP NOW” button as the call to action to one of your landing pages. This will also help you track the success of each of your campaigns coming from social media.

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