Membr moves to omni-channel engagement with mComms

We are thrilled to announce the launch of mComms, our SMS feature. This marks the first step towards building an omni-channel fitness engagement platform for our clients.

Neil Haughin, Managing Director at Uplift Fitness Marketing, delivers thousands of marketing campaigns for gyms across the UK every month.

As one of the early adopters of mComms, we asked him how our system compares to other SMS providers.

“I have been using various SMS providers for over 10 years. Previously I found that other platforms took up a lot of my time – especially importing and exporting data and handling GDPR requirements,” says Neil.

“Using mComms has cut back the time I spend on SMS campaigns dramatically. It’s an integral part of the service I offer clubs, so being able to handle this in a split second of the time is a game changer.”

“Using mComms has cut back the time I spend on SMS campaigns dramatically.”
Neil Haughin
Pre-Sales Expert

SMS doesn’t have to be a hassle. Sending a single SMS campaign shouldn’t take you hours of exporting, downloading, copying, pasting, editing and importing sensitive data.

mComms makes it easy to contact gym prospects and existing members without ever having to leave the platform. 

“The development team at Membr really listened to feedback on what clients want from SMS functionality and they have created a really simple, easy-to-use yet effective tool that has everything you need. It really is fantastic!,” adds Neil.

Compared to traditional email marketing which has on average a 21% open rate, SMS open rate reaches up to 98% due to less spam triggers.

Most SMS messages get opened in 3 minutes or less. That’s the one mobile app we simply don’t ignore.

Using SMS in your gym’s marketing strategy increases your chance to actually grab the attention of your leads. Discover how mComms can help your fitness club grow.

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