What Does Fitness Mean to the Membr Team?

We recently took part in National Fitness Day by putting in some extra steps in our daily schedule, spreading the fitness love all the way to Japan, Spain, Italy, Poland and the US where some of our employees are based!

So in the spirit of National Fitness Day, we asked the Membr team what does fitness mean to them? There were so many good responses, so we decided we’d share the best with you.

A reason to leave the house!
Andrew Farrell
QA Tester

After the last 24 months of locking ourselves at home to help stop the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, we have all done a re-evaluation of our relationship with movement. Fitness today is a central concept to building a healthier lifestyle.

With walking being the most preferred exercise option during the lockdown months and the recovery period consequently, our team sure knows what’s it like to count down the minutes till the next window of opportunity for outside activities!

Keeping up with my kids.
Gemma Hawthorn
Senior Business Analyst

Fitness is so much more than going to the gym. It’s your attitude towards life and, of course, keeping up with your children, who never seem to run out of energy!

Hey, keeping up with your pets counts as exercise too.

Feeling good.
Steven Berger

Last but not least, fitness is looking after our mental health as much as our physical strength. A good mood goes a long way, especially in situations that require decision making.

Thanks to our busy lifestyle packed with additional hours of online time, now more than ever we need time to decompress and restore our energy. 

Did we mention we also walked 150,000 steps as a team globally?

Watch a video of all of the #TeamMembr responses below: 

In case you missed it: