The Best Software for PTs who need a bit of Organisation

Wondering whether you need a state of the art management software for personal trainers? If you’re relying on a tatty diary and hundreds of reminders saved to your phone, read on to discover a better way of working.

The life of a personal trainer

We understand that organisation for PTs can be difficult. Dividing your time between your clients, your marketing and managing the books can seem impossible.

Turning to apps to help you out may seem like the way forward. Most people already depend on their smartphone in almost every aspect in their life; from connecting with their friends on social platforms to using specified apps for fitness and financial needs.

Fitness apps

Applications like My Fitness Pal are popular amongst many that are looking to get in shape.

It allows its users to track what they are eating, as well as providing information on the amount of calories, carbohydrates and protein they should be consuming each day. It also provides workout plans for its users which they can tailor to their personal needs; be it a workout plan for at home or in the gym.

The app is popular due to its ease, but does lack in providing motivation. After all – an app can’t provide the same inspiration you will get from a personal trainer. Software for personal trainers can help you to schedule classes and sessions for clients.

Membr can actually integrate with My Fitness Pal, so clients can track their diet and you can view their progress. Sound too good to be true?

Time management apps

Managing your time effectively as a personal trainer is difficult. Your job isn’t the average 9-5, as clients often want personal training sessions at weekends and before or after work.

Again, there are many apps that can help with time management. For instance, Toggl allows you to track the time you spend on project.

However, Membr understands the importance of having one platform in which you can manage every element of your day. This makes it simple to run your life efficiently with little time spent on mundane tasks.

We offer software for personal trainers that gives you the chance to spend more time with your clients, and has everything you would need at your fingertips. Not only is our software available on desktop, but also on mobiles, meaning you can have access to it anytime, anywhere.

Your clients also have access to your training session timetables and can integrate the app with My Fitness Pal. This means that they will also have a more efficient way of managing their fitness routine, accessing everything they need through a single platform.

So, what does our software for personal trainers offer?

  1. Automated Marketing Emails

We understand that in order to keep on top of your game, you will want to share your latest offers with your audience quickly and easily. By using Membr, you can send out targeted emails to clients and prospects, and manage responses on your phone in-between sessions.

  1. Direct Debit and Credit Card Payments

You will want your clients to easily sign up and pay for the service you’re providing. With Membr, they can sign up online or at the gym, and you can manage payments directly via the software.

  1. Class and Personal Training Booking System

It can be difficult trying to manage large numbers of people that have signed up to a certain class you are holding. You can’t double book your time for a personal training session! Membr allows your clients to book into the sessions quickly and easily online.

Our main aim at Membr is to provide the best software for personal trainers out there. We want to aid you in running your business as efficiently as possible. We understand your time is best spent with your clients, and strive to help you in any way we can.

Interested in our services? Why not drop us a call on 0161 793 9538 with any questions you have?