Grow Your Gym with Automated Referral System

How can you woo fitness enthusiasts with your gym management software and secure your share of this growing customer base? A referral system might just be the answer.

Research from Mintel reveals that the number of Brits using health and fitness clubs is forecast to grow by 20% in the next few years to reach 6.5 million by 2020, with the rate of expansion expected to be fastest at the low-cost end of the market.

According to Mintel, over 27% of Brits are preparing to flex their muscles and sign up for membership, saying they would consider using a health and fitness club in the future. This is great news for the industry as a whole, particularly if you are the owner or manager of such a club – a whole new chunk of potential members!


Get your messaging right

How are people going to know that your gym, out of the many options available, is the right one for them?

Would you book a holiday without doing some research first? Probably not. In all likelihood you would start by asking your friends and family for their recommendations.

The same goes for your gym – prospects are much more likely to sign up if they get a great review of your facility from local people they know and trust.

Prospective customers will be looking at a number of things which will inform their decision. This includes the following questions:

  • Are the staff and personal trainers friendly and knowledgeable?
  • What classes are on offer and how easy is it to book onto them?
  • Can classes be paid for online if a payment is due?
  • Is your gym easy to join and access?

The first thing to consider is how you make information about your gym available and attractive. The second is making sure it finds your audience!


Grow your gym with Membr

Once you have your brand messaging in place, Membr can help you with spreading the word to prospective customers with our gym management software.

On top of a dashboard with reception notes that allow you to recognise prospects and members as they enter, to online joining and PAR-Q completion, class booking and payments, the most important thing you can leverage is the power you have through your current members.

Membr’s gym management software includes an in-built referral system, which gives members the ability to refer friends and family to the gym using their own unique referral code. The gym can introduce and track successful referral campaigns via reports, and reward members for referrals as they wish. With our customisable referral system, this process can even be automated to award the referring member a free month’s membership for each successful referral.

We cannot overstate the importance of giving your members a great experience every time they step foot in your gym. This includes your class schedule, how easy it is to browse and join a class with your booking system, the quality and flexibility of your facilities, and above all, the welcome and advice they receive from your staff members.

If members love the sense of community you provide, you can rely on them bringing friends and family to your gym.

With Membr’s smart, slick and simple to use gym management software, you can provide your members with an exceptional experience. Your members are your biggest fans and we can help you turn their support into sales, driving your membership forward and increasing the loyalty your customers feel towards your business, by rewarding them for recommending you!