The launch of the new Apple Watch Series 2

When the Apple Watch was launched, it impressed us all with its endless features and had a huge impact on the wearable market. Now we hear a new version of the Apple Watch is being released – with even more features! The new Apple Watch boasts built in GPS, the ability to track your swimming sessions accurately, enhanced Nike+ features and the inclusion of a heart rate sensor to name but a few.

Built in GPS was a feature that was noticeably missing in the design of the original Apple Watch, especially as so many of the leading wearables in the market do possess the ability to navigate and track activities accurately. It is therefore no major surprise that Series 2 will contain a GPS chip. Perhaps more exciting, is the way in which the new Apple Watch almost seems to be designed for swimmers. It’s tricky to pick up a good, accurate wearable to track swimming sessions, but Series 2 sounds like it’s got it covered! Not only can the device track strokes, but it also can give swimmers information about their bodies during a swim. It also boats water resistance up to 50 meters. It’s not just swimming that the watch is designed for, but that did seem to be what Apple were mainly focussing on in the press interviews about the launch of the new watch. It is important to remember the other activities this watch caters for though: on its special Series 2 page, Apple promotes it as a “superior sports watch”, because, as well as the built in GPS, the wearable has a heart-rate sensor, a built-in workout app to track a person’s activity and information on how many calories a user has burned. Additional Nike+ features as well as fitness coaching and achievement features. With all this in mind, it seems clear that the Apple Watch Series 2 is first and foremost a fitness tracker.

As well as the fitness tracking features, Apple seemed keen to make it clear that third-party apps are fully compatible with Apple Watch Series 2. It doesn’t appear to be signed and sealed yet, but it does look as though third-party app developers are expected to jump on the Series 2 bandwagon. One down-side of the new watch is that it relies on a connection with the iPhone in order to utilise its features. However, it does have the potential to act as a stand-alone device with further developments. In addition, it comes with a new processor to handle new and improved apps and features a ceramic model that replaces the gold Apple Watch Edition. With so many extra qualities and fitness tracking features compared to its predecessor, it sounds like an exciting new product that is surely bound to impress.