Membr can boost member retention and motivate post-Easter gym bunnies

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Ah Easter….you were delicious! Chocolate eggs, check, roast dinners, check, post-Easter guilt…check! Easter excess may be a big incentive to some to finally make the leap and join a gym.

In fact, cashback and voucher website Quidco* found that gym membership sales increased by a massive 215% in April 2010, and by 187% in April 2011. These stats are fantastic news for gyms as they signal a potential hotbed of new members.

But as with the weeks and months following New Year’s, there is a significant likelihood that a majority of these new members will gradually slip away, and gym member retention can suffer. So how can Membr help you to retain your new post-Easter gym bunnies, and indeed keep motivating all your existing members too?

One key way you can ensure you retain both new and established members is regular and relevant communication. Membr offers a multitude of ways you can communicate with your members outside of the gym to ensure they continually feel engaged with and inspired.

Got a member who has missed a couple of weeks’ worth of workouts? You can create targeted communications just for them – how about offering a free PT trial to help re-motivate them?

Want to let a certain group of members know about a brand new class they might be interested in to keep them engaged? Use our Automated Marketing Emails feature to easily filter the database to ensure your members get information that is relevant to them.

Want to send out a monthly newsletter to keep you in the forefront of your members’ minds, encouraging engagement and improving gym member retention? Membr enables you to mass email your members (and prospects!).

Study upon study has found that communication with your members is a key piece of the retention puzzle. Membr can help you complement your in-gym communication strategy with software that allows you to reach out to your members in a variety of ways, helping them to feel more valued, supported, engaged, inspired and motivated.

We would be delighted to take you through a demo of the product. Take a look at our calendar to see when would be good for you! Or you can visit to find out more.

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