Online classes and home workouts: what exercisers really want?

Fitness clubs around the world have had to embrace a more digital approach due to COVID-19 this year. While the gym remains a safe haven for many, it’s hard to deny the benefits of online training. It’s flexible, convenient and safer.

Can digital ever replace entirely the in-club experience? Most certainly not. But gym owners should invest into extending their digital footprint.

We decided to take a look at the most popular searches for online classes in the past 90 days and this is what we found. Roll down your yoga mat, there’s a clear winner!

Yoga takes the lead

As one of the most holistic practices, yoga remains the most searched online class, closely followed by dance lessons.

Zumba and Pilates generate the same interest. HIIT classes, too, are among the most preferred workouts at home, perhaps due to their quick format and effective results.

Mental health has been a hot topic in the past few months. Yoga classes might just be the key ingredient for a more balanced lifestyle in the unprecedented COVID days.

Online workouts beat gym safety

That is not to say that gym members will never return to the gym. On the contrary, it shows that exercisers are ready to adapt to a more digitally enhanced fitness lifestyle.

It’s important to acknowledge that fitness clubs are undergoing a change brought by COVID-19 that is likely going to re-shape them for good. This new hybrid model is also influenced by the ever-growing capabilities of technology.

If the stats show us anything, it’s that exercisers can’t wait to go back to the gym floor. Thousands of gym experts and enthusiasts have signed petitions to reopen gyms only in the UK.

On Demand is still going strong

You might be wondering whether to invest time into recording some On Demand content. Well, in today’s TikTok times, users are getting more used to consuming information through video.

The numbers don’t lie: exercisers want to watch and are actively watching On Demand.

What’s interesting is that online training peaks above the google searches for online classes and online workouts.