Personal trainer software can inspire clients even when you’re not there

Keeping client motivation high is a crucial part of your job. Thanks to a few tricks of the trade, this is normally easy to achieve when you’re running a personal training session. However, can you help to maintain a client’s motivation even when you aren’t with them? We think it’s possible to achieve this goal, especially with the help of personal trainer software.

Pick a playlist

Most people you see at the gym tend to wear headphones – and there’s a reason behind it. Listening to your favourite music tends to get you in the mood to complete your workout to the best of your ability. Sharing a go-to anthem that clients can put on when the going gets tough can be a great way of helping them push through that last rep.

Inspire clients to self-motivate

It’s a well-known fact that mind over matter tends to to apply when it comes to working out. All athletes need to overcome the fatigue they experience and push through to achieve their goals.

A study carried out by Professor Stephen Cheung looked at the performance of a group of competitive cyclists. Half were instructed to talk to themselves in a motivational manner whilst training over a span of just two weeks. The result? On average, this group were able to perform up to 25% better in a hot and uncomfortable environment than those that had trained as normal.

Clients who are struggling to complete a workout while away from your watchful eye may therefore benefit from motivating themselves with positive mantras and phrases. Alternatively, our personal trainer software allows you to communicate with your clients remotely, keeping them motivated during every session.

Have clear goals – and remember them

Ensure that your clients have clear goals to help them carry on with their fitness journey.

Understanding their workouts through and through is a great help, as they’ll have a clear plan of action for when they’re in the gym. Knowing what they want to achieve also helps to give them the motivation to put in the work to get there.

With our personal trainer software, your clients can access fitness plans that have been set by you. This means they have a clear workout structure ready and waiting for their next session.

You can also see their notes and plan personalised sessions using the software, making it easy to set a variety of workouts for the time they’re at the gym – making them more likely to achieve their goals.

See their results through personal trainer software

Many people get motivated by the results they achieve. Our personal trainer software can help clients to track how much they work out and what fitness goals they have achieved, setting out quantifiable data that they can be proud of, and you can analyse as part of your ongoing training.

Having clear data in conjunction with a clear workout plan is essential for clients to reach their goals. Being able to access this information anywhere, anytime is also a sure-fire way to keep them on track and exercising consistently.

We want to offer the best personal trainer software possible so that you can provide the best possible service to clients. Membr offers accessible, flexible and affordable software that integrates all the information you need all in one place.

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