Nik Hanley & Ant Park: How to Add More Value to Your PT Offerings?

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“You’re going to have PTs across the industry now, compared to last year, with a business that’s probably a hundred times better because of that distance product — the online product, the support they give, the communication, the active listening — all of that is going to be huge to take back into their gyms.”


Welcome to the second series of mPowered! We are dedicating the next couple of episodes exclusively on The Future of Personal Training. In this episode, we’ll be talking about how PTs can scale up their offerings to deliver more value to members.

With over 30+ years combined as personal trainers, today they manage hundreds of PTs as the National PT Managers for Pure Gym. We welcome two absolute fitness legends, Nik Hanley and Ant Park, to talk about their own PT Mentor Academy and how trainers can begin to add more value to their offerings.

Listen to the full episode now:

We have more personal training insights in our next episode with Paul Swainson, Research & Development Manager at Future Fit Training where we will be talking about how educators are helping develop the PTs of the future.

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