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How can Membr software help you to use your data?
21 Nov
How can Membr help you to make the most out of your data?

The biggest challenge faced by many gyms today is finding a way to maximise results in the two main areas of health club management: Sales and Retention! So how can Membr’s software help you to make the most out of your data so you can reach for...

Online gym management software encourages clients to move more
21 Aug
Online gym management software can encourage clients to move more

It’s official – there’s nothing like a bit of friendly rivalry. Research has proven that competition is the best source of motivation when it comes to exercising more. Bearing this in mind, how can online gym management software help personal trainers and gym managers to...

Spreading the love with personal training software
26 Jan
Spreading the love with personal training software

As personal training software developers, and as fitness enthusiasts, we love this time of the year. However, there’s also a lot that we’re up against! It’s important for us to understand seasonal barriers and limitations on top of the usual issues such as time, finances and...

Microsoft Band 2 Fitness Tracker, Fitness Tracker, Fitness Trackers, Wearables, Fitness tech, Fitness technology
10 Oct
The disappearance of the Microsoft Band 2 Fitness Tracker
The Microsoft Band 2 fitness tracker is gone! It has literally vanished in the sense that it can no longer be bought, having disappeared from the shelves, and no references to the wearable can be found via Microsoft’s online stores either. However, Microsoft continues to sell wearable’s from rival companies such as Fitbit and Misfit, and rumour has it that there are no plans to release another Microsoft Band fitness tracker this year, so what exactly has happened?
Apple Watch, Wearables, Fitness Technology
03 Oct
The launch of the new Apple Watch Series 2
When the Apple Watch was launched, it impressed us all with its endless features and had a huge impact on the wearable market. Now we hear a new version of the Apple Watch is being released – with even more features! The new Apple Watch boasts built in GPS, the ability to track your swimming sessions accurately, enhanced Nike+ features and the inclusion of a heart rate sensor to name but a few.
22 Sep
Membr is thrilled to announce that we have been signed up by Life Fitness as their latest solutions partner, enabling them to further expand their offering to fitness clubs and facilities. The partnership with Life Fitness enables a technical integration, meaning that once a member joins a gym using Membr software, they will automatically have accounts created which are linked to the equipment, allowing fitness staff to track their clients and members. Members will have the ability to connect wirelessly and seamlessly into Life Fitness equipment from the Membr app, thereby gaining access to a host of features such as booking and paying for classes and PT sessions online, as well as being able to track and log their health stats to monitor progress. This seamless account creation and login process is another step in allowing operators to deliver an exceptional digital experience within their facilities.