Grow Your Fitness Reach As a Gym Owner with Connected Technology

Fitness technology is not the future. It’s the present.

The last few months have accelerated the need to stay connected even at a distance. With the advancements of fitness technology, you have the opportunity to bring another level of engagement to your own gym, your own brand, and your own fitness community.

But where do you start?

1. The Contactless Entry

Introducing smart technology for your gym entrance is not just a convenient way to track attendance.

It means safety for your members. 

Safety has never mattered more for exercisers than today. A contactless QR entry system means precisely that: safety.

When gym goers feel safe to return to your facility, that’s the first step to retention.

2. The Online Coaching

The COVID-19 lockdown gave rise to online classes. PT’s seized the opportunity and gained cult following. Social media accounts became the ultimate source for fitness content.

So how do you take over the narrative as a gym owner?

Introduce online coaches as part of the connected fitness experience.

Social media is great, but combining in-person sessions with home workouts is even greater.


3. The On Demand Content

While life is somewhat back to normal, many are still working from home. This shift in routines might call for more fitness alternatives.

When exercisers are taking care of family members, they might need to work out in their own time.

So why don’t you offer branded On Demand content directly from your gym.

Attending classes is not the only way to maintain a fitness community. Technology is redefining the way we support each other. Online is not the default yet, but we’re heading that way.

⋅ ⋅ ⋅

Remember that 80% of those back in the gym are Millennials and Generation Z. They also make up nearly 90% of total users of online or app-based workouts.