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Online gym management software encourages clients to move more
21 Aug
Online gym management software can encourage clients to move more

It’s official – there’s nothing like a bit of friendly rivalry. Research has proven that competition is the best source of motivation when it comes to exercising more. Bearing this in mind, how can online gym management software help personal trainers and gym managers to...

25 May
Membr welcomes Matthew Parkinson to the team!

We are really pleased to welcome Matthew to the Membr family! 26 year-old Matthew joins Membr in the role of Second Line Support Engineer, providing technical support to our customers. Originally from Bolton, Matthew holds a Degree in Computing, and has also studied Mechanical Engineering....

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03 Nov
Membr is featured in Fitness Magazine and Fitness His Edition

Membr is really excited to be featured in the November editions of Fitness Magazine South Africa and Fitness His Edition, which between them have a readership of 90,000! The two editorial pieces focus on Once Active's recent appointment as distributor for Membr's Southern Africa arm....

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16 May
Fitbit vs The Apple Watch …
Wearables have been a common theme in our blogs over the past few weeks…and we’re staying on topic this week as we take a closer look at Fitbit products versus the Apple Watch. At the beginning of May 2016, the chief executive of Fitbit, rather controversially, described how his company were able to withstand what many viewed as direct competition from Apple in 2015. He stated that the tech giant (Apple), took a wrong turn in the developments of their Apple Watch. The chief executive of Fitbit confidently described how their health-minded products are in a different category to the Apple Watch! But, if the Apple Watch displays many similar features to the Fitbit (which it does), then is it really justified for the Chief Executive of Fitbit to be so confident about their product over the Apple Watch? For example, Fitbit products are often simple, single-mode devices whereas Apple tends to include more features within a single product.
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15 Apr
Health Technology Making Life Easier?

Today, technology plays such a big part in our lives; it’s everywhere we turn and involved in a lot of what we do, even if it’s as simple as using your mobile phone. In fact, it’s hard to imagine life without technology these days! Many...

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18 Mar
Our Top 5 Tips to Delivering a Service Plan with Limited Staff:
Over the last few years, as normal, the UK has followed the US and we have seen a huge increase in the number of low-cost clubs. The issue we are now facing is the level of competition and the consumer’s expectations of the price of a gym membership. We are past the days of being able to open gyms at sub £20 per month and just let the members join. If the location is in an area densely populated enough to support 3000 plus members then you are likely to have competition on your doorstep from another low-cost provider. So often we focus our time and energy on signing up new members and end up failing to support the clients that are falling out the other end. The next 5 points will not change your business overnight, but will hopefully make you think about what small changes you could make channelling some energy on your existing members, not just signing up new ones:
Top Fitness Apps
11 Mar
Our Top Fitness Apps

There are so many fitness apps out there in the market right now, it’s difficult to know where to begin! If you’re of the same opinion, then this blog may help you to narrow down the apps that may be worth you investing in. We’ve...

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04 Mar
Marketing Your Boot Camp Effectively
Over the past few years or so, we seem to have gone boot camp mad in the fitness industry! There are many successful boot camps out there, and maybe you are one of those businesses. However, with an increasing number of boot camps setting up, due to an increasing demand for them off the back of great results, its important to keep reviewing your business models to ensure you remain competitive in the industry. Or, if you are thinking about getting started with a boot camp business of your own, hopefully this blog will give you a few things to think about. Boot camps can survive as a stand alone business in their own right – it doesn’t have to be a branch of a gym, or part of a fitness centre. But, it’s important to get a good business model in place, and an even better marketing plan!