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Management Software for Personal Trainers Tackles Flexible Fitness Trend
10 Jan
Management Software for Personal Trainers Tackles Flexible Fitness Trend

2016 has been the beginning of many different fitness trends, with some staying for the long haul and others quickly being forgot about. Luckily, our management software for personal trainers can help you keep up with all the different trends and provide your clients with a bespoke service. So,...

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18 Mar
Our Top 5 Tips to Delivering a Service Plan with Limited Staff:
Over the last few years, as normal, the UK has followed the US and we have seen a huge increase in the number of low-cost clubs. The issue we are now facing is the level of competition and the consumer’s expectations of the price of a gym membership. We are past the days of being able to open gyms at sub £20 per month and just let the members join. If the location is in an area densely populated enough to support 3000 plus members then you are likely to have competition on your doorstep from another low-cost provider. So often we focus our time and energy on signing up new members and end up failing to support the clients that are falling out the other end. The next 5 points will not change your business overnight, but will hopefully make you think about what small changes you could make channelling some energy on your existing members, not just signing up new ones: