Can Online Gym Management Software Help Office Workers Get Healthy?

Did you know that the National Health Service recommends we exercise a minimum of 150 minutes per week? And as a gym management software provider, we would recommend even more!

The NHS advises adults between the ages of 19-64 to take part in at least two and a half hours of exercise every week. However, a new survey put in order by PureGym found that 35% of UK office workers fail to meet this recommended minimum.

With one in three office employees in the UK falling short of these suggestions, 73% of them cite work pressure as a key factor. Other reasons include stress at work, long commuting hours and a lack of time during their lunch break.

After reading these statistics, it’s easy to get worried. But don’t worry – we can tell you how online gym management software can help companies to encourage healthy office workers.

How can our gym management software help your business?

With only 52% of UK employers offering an organised fitness service to their staff, just 23% of workers actually take advantage of it. We have to do something about these stats, right?

Francine Davis, Strategic & Commercial Development Director at PureGym said: “Regular exercise is not only proven to support overall health and wellbeing… There are also many workplace benefits, including increased energy levels and a reduced risk of stress and depression.”

“It’s positive to see that just over half of UK employers are offering fitness subsidies. However, there is a still a way to go to help encourage and enable staff to reach their weekly fitness requirements.”

Our gym management software solution

By using Membr’s online gym management software, fitness establishments can provide membership referrals, simple on-boarding, class bookings and other communications between gym goers and gym staff at the click of a button. We even have a mobile app, offering great connectivity for busy employees who are always on the go.

This can create a strong connection between gym staff and gym goers, and keep track of progress outside of training hours. Our gym management software also gives fitness professionals the ability to leave comments on user profiles and send mass marketing emails, inspiring their clients even when they’re not in the gym.

As a gym owner, you can also boost your chances of winning corporate membership deals by offering a convenient, intuitive customer service to users. The easier you make it for gym goers to book classes, contact personal trainers and manage their memberships, the more likely they are to become regular visitors. The higher the adoption rates among employees, the better value you offer their business.

Membr’s gym management software

Our goal is to simply connect fitness enthusiasts with fitness professionals. Membr’s customer-centric platform increases engagement, inspires people to lead healthier lifestyles and supports fitness professionals by making their life easier.

We all know that there is evidence to prove that regular exercise improves our overall heath and wellbeing, but did you know that there are many benefits it can bring to your workplace? It can increase energy levels and reduce the risk of stress and depression.

By reading our blog, we hope you have reached the conclusion that online gym management software can help office workers to get healthy. If you’d like more information about us or what we can do for you, then get in contact with us. If you’d like to request a demo please take a look at our calendar to see when would suit you!