5 Things I Learned As an Intern at Membr

Claire Kolln flew all the way from the state of Oregon in the US to join us for the summer. As a Development Lead Intern, she was mostly hanging out with the dev team, but we got to know her pretty well outside of working hours.

We asked Claire what are the biggest lessons she learned while being part of #TeamMembr and here’s what she shared:

1. I learned to ask more questions, to be more curious, and most of all that there is so much more to learn! 

2. I got to learn a bit of a new language: Vue.js

3. A lot about the inner workings of gym management, I am very inspired to be more active now

4. Instead of internally trying to solve everything, getting outside advice and communicating with those around me was key to solving problems. Consulting others and using the resources around me greatly helped me work through hitches in development. Whether writing code or not, I know this lesson will carry through this year as I finish school and beyond.

5. That a good workplace is where everyone wants you to succeed and grow, and Membr definitely gave that to me!

Every day is a just another opportunity to make a difference in the world, albeit your world. At Membr we certainly like to help each other grow while we are in the pursuit of reshaping the status quo of the fitness world. 

In the meantime, we wish Claire all the best as she continues her studies & we hope you keep up with your gym classes! ????