F1TCO: “Membr keeps our team organised, a no-hassle product.”

Blending his passion for education, fitness and wellbeing, today Brent Wood-Townend is the gym owner of F1TCO

We spoke to him about his journey of becoming a business owner in the fitness industry, including his goals, challenges and vision for the future.

Who were you before becoming a gym owner?

I have always been a passionate fitness enthusiast who has wanted to implement change to one’s lifestyle for the better. I have always enjoyed education, researching and implementing methods to different people with different backgrounds. Becoming a gym owner operator has helped me dive into the commercial and operational runnings of the business.

How did you get started with your fitness club?

I started with education. I deliver health & fitness qualifications to students looking to excel in the industry. The studio become a no brainer when looking at another source of income doing something I am passionate about.

What's the best thing about owning a gym?

Designing and working towards delivering a world class product. I am able to try and test things as we progress each week, which gets me excited for the future.

“Membr is a no-hassle product.”
Brent Wood-Townend

What problems did you have before joining Membr?

I have always been close to Membr and seeing their software and the demos by the team made it the clear winner for me to choose as my gym’s software.

How has Membr helped your fitness club, your team and business operations?

It helps massively as it keeps the team organised, to the point and also helped members understand the booking system clearly. It’s a no-hassle product.

What are the Membr features that your fitness club can’t live without?

It’s important for our members to be able to choose how, when and where to book classes. It’s great to see that they can book, amend or cancel a class within a few easy steps, perfect for exactly what we need. From a coach point of view the booking system is neat, it’s clear and straight to the point for us to be able to see how many members are booked.

“Membr is a team of industry experts who are always on hand to help explain, support or come up with a solution to help you become better.”
Brent Wood-Townend

How would you describe the Membr team in a sentence or two?

A team of industry experts who are always on hand to help explain, support or come up with a solution to help you become better.

What are your business goals for the next 12 months?

We are looking at building a few more studios in the UK and branching outside into other countries across India, Middle East and Europe. Firstly base is the UK.